Custom homes continue to increase in popularity as more people realize the benefits of building their homes. According to MoveBuddha, the average person nationwide moves 11.7 times in a lifetime, and a growing portion of those are moving into custom dwellings. However, once you enjoy a home built by a new home builder, you’ll want to stay in your dream house. Look for these qualities to ensure you’re working with the right home builder for the job.

1. Communication

A reliable home builder should always communicate with clients before, during, and after the job. Communication includes working with you to develop a detailed plan for your future home. The company should let you know if there will be delays, such as if they can’t get a specific material to the job site for a week or two. They should also check in with you after completing the job to ensure your satisfaction.

2. Experience

A new home builder should have a wealth of experience to ensure you have the luxurious home you dream of. An experienced home builder will already know the best cabinet models. They’ll know what professionals to work with to ensure a comprehensive crew of contractors are on the job site so you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible. Ask a company how long they’ve been in business to determine how much experience they have.

3. Pictures

Always ask a company for photos or a portfolio of their work before hiring them. A new home builder won’t have these, which shows a lack of experience. Once you find a home builder with a portfolio, pay attention to the details in the photos. The pictures will inform you what type of houses the company has previous experience building. There is a significant difference between building tiny pre-fab homes and gorgeous luxury homes.

4. Customization

The whole point behind building your home is having every detail you love. Your home should express your fantastic personality, be stylish, and accommodate all your needs. A reliable home builder that can deliver a customized luxury home should provide plenty of customization options. Salespeople should be able to walk you through many opportunities available to suit your taste.

Working with a new home builder can be an exciting experience. You’ll slowly watch a plot of land be transformed into your haven. Contact our team at Bryan Murphy Builder when you’re ready to learn more about designing your home.