You’ve probably been dreaming about owning your own home for years. And now, you finally feel like you’re in a place financially where homeownership may be possible. But should you buy an existing house or have a new one built? Building a custom home comes with some great perks that are worth considering before you start touring open houses. Here are three compelling reasons you may want to build instead of buy.

1. Freedom to Customize

One of the best parts about building a new home is that you can truly customize it to match your lifestyle. Want an open-concept kitchen perfect for entertaining? Building allows you to design that from the ground up. Have a vision for your dream master bathroom? You can make that a reality by coordinating with a builder. When you build a home, you have creative control over important details like floor plans, finishes, fixtures, and more. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the most common customizations requested by homeowners include 90% of people asking for energy-efficient features, 81% wanting a separate laundry room, 81% requesting exterior lighting, 78% getting a walk-in pantry, and 76% needing a dedicated home office. Anything you’ve been dreaming about for your home, you can probably make it happen with a custom build.

2. Latest Trends and Technology

These days, the newest homes come equipped with smart technology and open designs. New construction lets you take advantage of modern elements like high-efficiency appliances, solar power, auto lighting features, and more. New homes are built to current code standards, which focus on safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Older homes often require upgrades to meet your connectivity and efficiency needs. Building a home designed for the way you live today allows you to incorporate the latest must-have home trends and technology from the start.

3. Maintenance and Efficiency

With brand new appliances, breaking down and equipment issues will be an issue of the past. Costs of repair and installation will virtually be nothing after your new house is built. You will be able to keep peace of mind knowing your appliances and systems will be working the next day. Since everything is brand new in a recently built residence, you likely won’t face any surprise repairs or replacements for several years to come.

There are many excellent reasons to build instead of buy when shopping for your next residence. It’s an investment into your comfort and happiness for years to come. If you’re looking for new homes, reach out to Bryan Murphy Builder and let us customize the perfect home for you.