More homeowners are deciding to start building luxurious new homes than ever before. According to Statista, in July 2023, approximately 130,900 home construction began nationwide. It might be time for you to start over too. These are the signs a new home is in your future.

1. Expanding Family

Your family can only expand so much before you run out of room. Children often want their own bedrooms, and you may have had to remodel your home gym to make room for another child. Everyone should be able to enjoy their personal space, including yourself. If your home consistently feels too small, it’s time to work with a custom home builder.

2. Little Functionality

It’s common for people to make their current home work for the time being. However, it still needs to be functional. If you are tripping over belongings because there was never enough space or have your clothing packed away because you desperately need a walk-in closet, consider whether it’s time for a fresh start. A custom home will be as functional as you require it to be.

3. Location Change

Your current location may have worked for years, but needs change over time. Perhaps you’ve had children and want to move into a better school district. Maybe the crime rate has risen consistently and is now unbearable. Building a new home allows you to have your dream home in an ideal location to suit your current needs.

4. The Opportunity

Our financial situations change as the years go by. You may have a better credit score or higher salary than you previously did, opening the door for an opportunity to build your own home. It’s hard to resist the chance to work with a custom home builder to create the home of your dreams in your ideal location.

5. Lifestyle Changes

As we grow older, our tastes and hobbies tend to change. Your current home may not have the room to provide flexibility. For example, you may enjoy swimming but need more space outside to install a pool. It’s common for clients to want amenities like a home gym or movie theater. Creating your home will ensure plenty of space to accommodate current and future changes.

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