New home construction is the best way to ensure you get the perfect home for your family’s needs. However, most homeowners live in homes that were built many years ago. According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 50% of all U.S. homes were built more than four decades ago. If you’re considering building a new home rather than moving into an older one, here’s a closer look at how the home-building process works.

Get a Design and Permits

You’ll have to start with an architectural design. This might be unique to your home or one that already is in common use with some modifications for your purposes. You can’t just build anything you want. The architectural design will have to comply with local zoning and land-use ordinances and be approved by the local unit of government. Once you have the approval to proceed with the home construction project, you will need to obtain the permits. Your local home builders can help with ensuring the right permits are in place and displayed properly before starting the project.

Prepare the Homesite for Construction

The property where your home will be built will have to be properly prepared before work can begin. Work crews can grade the property as needed, dig a basement if one is part of your plan, and level a place for the foundation to go. The work crews also can dig trenches for sewage and utility lines or prepare the site for a septic tank if there is no local sewage service. When the property is ready, the foundation and footprint are next.

Pour the Foundation

Your local home builders can have the foundation poured and the footprint laid prior to working on the structure. The concrete foundation will support the home and should last for a very long time. Any defects in the foundation could cause the entire structure to be prone to damage, so it’s important for the foundation to be poured properly and allowed to cure. The rest of the property’s footprint also might go in, including the driveway and any concrete walkways.

Frame and Build the Structure

Once the foundation is cured and in good condition, the rest of the structure goes up, starting with the framing. The walls and roof also will go in place, followed by the interior and final finishing. Then the electricians, plumbers, and others can install their respective systems and make your home whole. Afterward, you’ll just need some landscaping done.

Now that you have a better understanding of the home building process, it’s time to hire home builders you can depend on to deliver the results you need. When you work with Bryan Murphy Builder, we’ll prioritize your needs every step of the way to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more!