Designing and building your own custom home is a dream for many people. According to This Old House, almost 75% of all homes completed in 2022 were single-family dwellings. Many of these are custom home builds. If you have been wondering if using a custom home builder is right for you, let’s look at some benefits of going this route.

Custom Floor Plans

For some families, ready-made floor plans just aren’t enough. If you aren’t interested in a cookie-cutter home, hiring a custom home builder can help ensure that the home you build suits your needs perfectly. Customized floor plans can be created to truly suit your vision and needs. Some families don’t need certain features such as a dining room, but would rather have extra space for a mud room or a big drop zone. When you are in charge of how the space is designed, you can make the space so much more functional and practical for your family.

Unique Space

Most ready-made home plans really lack any kind of artistic expression or creativity. This is not the case with a custom-built home. You will be in the driver’s seat and have the opportunity to let your taste and design preferences shine through. If you want your home to truly be an extension of your personality, consider hiring custom home builders to help with your construction project.

Useable Land

Today, many newer homes are already located in a subdivision with a small lot assigned. If you have dreams of keeping land for usable purposes, the custom home route is for you. When you choose this option, you will be able to purchase as much land as you need and want. This land can be used to your liking and can also be thought of as an investment for the future as the price of land doesn’t depreciate.

Personal Finishes

Having options for your finishes can really make planning a home more exciting and fulfilling. The finishes of your custom home build are entirely up to you. You will have ultimate control over flooring, paint color, hardware, faucets, doors, sinks, and pretty much any other detail you can think of.

If you are interested in hiring custom home builders, please contact our team at Bryan Murphy Builder today. We are happy to help you on your home-building journey!