Are you building a home from scratch? If so, you probably want your new home built to have as many luxurious elements as possible. When it comes to luxury homes, there are many options to make your home as modern, beautiful, and comfortable as possible for years to come.

1. Kitchen Countertops

According to Statista, about 130,900 home constructions started in the United States in 2023. If your home is one of these newly constructed residences, you likely want the most modern, luxurious kitchen possible. A luxury kitchen will often have granite or marble countertops. These natural stones are beautiful and very durable. When it comes to granite, no two slabs are alike. So, even if all your neighbors and friends also have luxury granite surfaces, none of you will have the same countertops.

2. New Flooring

A new home build is the time to have the best flooring in every room. Did you know hardwood flooring can last for as long as 100 years with maintenance? If you want another high-quality material on your floors, consider stone tiles. Epoxy seal coating can protect any solid surface from stains and scratches while being easier to clean.

3. Modern Lighting

Good lighting matters in any home. So don’t just settle for your standard overhead lights. Luxury homes often have at least one major centerpiece light, such as a beautiful chandelier. You can also have lighting applications that allow you to dim the lights throughout the room. You can add designated spotlights to highlight certain features like your kitchen island, dining room table, or bed. Save energy using LED lighting and make your lighting controllable by installing smart features.

4. Electric Fireplace

Have you ever wanted to cozy up by your own fireplace at home? If you’re worried about the smoke and soot from a traditional fireplace, you can get the best of both worlds by installing an electric one. An electric fireplace is safer and more flexible since you can move it to different parts of the room. All it needs is an electrical outlet, not a chimney.

There are so many elements to add to luxury homes. This list is just a few of the considerations you should add to your luxury home build to make it as beautiful of a showpiece as possible. For more information on how to make your luxury home more personal, contact our home-building team at Bryan Murphy Builder today.